Prelude to the Chinese New Year Celebrations in Malaysia

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24 Feb 2018

I had a surprise after coming back to the apartment from a meeting at the Marriott where I had crossed the street to see the Chinese New Year decorations at the Pavilion Mall. When I returned to the apartment, I saw decorations being set up by some volunteers:

31 Jan 2018

In all my years coming back to the apartment whenever I was in KL, I've never felt such peace and happiness among all the apartment owners living there. These were not those owners who merely rented their properties out without knowing what was happening in the apartment management nor did they so long as they could collect their monthly rental and were used as proxies by those who were in the management council themselves to have a Chairman serve for years and years! The latest Strata Title laws had improved to allow a Chairman to serve a maximum of 2 terms only instead of 2 years duration as delays were often the reason why elections were delayed depending on how timely the accounts were ready to enable an AGM to adopt them if the owners were satisfied from the reports presented!

One can see by reading from the top post by clicking here that the previous management council led by their chosen hired building manager wanted to push for elections to take place when the majority of the owners living in the apartment and present at the AGM were suspicious of the accounts and refused to adopt them. They could not explain the discrepancies in the accounts and why the public auditor left exception notes in the financial report. The previous council members could not use all the proxies secured by their building manager as an officer from the government was present arranged by the concerned owners living in the apartment building. This manager, an ex-government officer, was the mastermind to get himself hired in the office as building manager while the Chairman and other council members showed their lack of education nor initiative to learn proper laws and practice in the management of the Corporation that is created by the Strata Title Act. Even a company owner's letter addressed to the Chairman of the management council was refused to be read by the previous Chairman while another Chinese businessman councilman who spoke or read no English could not help me get my car unclamped caused by the ex-building manager, which started this social media publication to bring back justice to our Merdeka View apartments!

In South East Asia, Prime Ministers and Presidents who once served 'forever' soon stepped down when the people living under a democratic government revolted starting with the Philippines and even Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysian long time leaders quickly voluntarily stepped down. Only Singapore was smart enough to have the Prime Minister step down to only hold another position as Mentor Minister in the government and his son to rule for many more years later until as expected, when the father passed away, the son will reign for a term or two but will soon resign as well! We do not want politicians in Merdeka View but good people to be in the management council, "to make sure the money goes into the right pockets" as one owner expressed to me, so that a pre-Chinese New Year dinner could take place as the following photos portray  :

With Dato' Ng the new Chairman of the Management Council and Mr Siew on the far right who holds the record as the oldest living owner living in the apartment!

There were also promotional draws of cash by Magnum corporation for Merdeka View and prizes for lucky owners organized by the Management Council:

There was even a Karaoke set up for those happy to sing Chinese and English songs:

Yours truly sang an oldie English song in the spirit of happiness felt by everyone in attendance of the dinner that night:

Legal proceedings begin at Merdeka View

All are fed and happy until the new committee starts working to find improper procedures occurring in the office. The wife of a committee member with no authority was chased out from being in the office by a group of women. She was reported to be spending cash collected at office and cash was not being banked in daily following proper SOP. A professional accountant hired to do the accounts for the property at that time, a qualified Chartered Accountant, was fired and fees not paid amounting to a few thousand dollars. Reason? Most likely for being a whistle blower!

I am grateful in Malaysia that we have honest whitsle blowers shared in the video below whom I could share this video of what he did to expose corruption in the government of our country. Politics in governments can be dirty but don't forget the politics of thousands of apartments in Malaysia who suffer from their local apartment politics!

Rafizi is still active and well, concerned for the rural Malay problems shared in this 23 Aug 2021 news

Strata-Titled properties in the City are also having problems but the law was used to solve these problems in Blue Boy Mansion, also located in the Bukit Bintang area just 10 mins from Merdeka view. Read how the problem was solved by simply using lawyers by clicking the photo letter from DBKL below or clicking here.

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