How much have I suffered in losses of my productivity for my ongoing projects and how much apartment owners have lost themselves due to unlawful acts?

Everyday that passes by without the use of my car and time wasted in seeking ways to resolve the apartment issues for myself and the owners is costing me a lot of time and money for sure. I am a low profile person living as a simple man in the downtown apartment. Nobody really knows my background of the past and present. If I were to estimate my daily losses of income from clamping my car and costs of time and money to settle the issues in a civil way with Mr Philip Yap and other person or persons for creating hinderances in my life, based on my track record of my performance and capabilities, I think it would be quite substantial. Consider the following shared in 3 languages :

But something else drives me and it is not money or power. I have figured this out a long time ago.

Today I am a writer and a socialpreneur working for a good cause and not just for profits though is important as an entrepreneur explained here in my Latest News link -

I like to help not only the owners of Merdeka View but owners of properties of other high rise buildings in Malaysia. Here are news reports of unlawful acts that have been reported :

Cases can also be read in online news as found here : I have always believed that Prevention is better than Cure.

I have assisted Tai Aik Tong sdn bhd(TAT) in the company's lawsuit against the Property Developers of the well known Blue Boy Mansion of Kuala Lumpur to win in a high court case that helps other owners bullied by Embassy sdn bhd to take away their property rights as the win by TAT created a new precedence for the other owners to win in court also for the same matter. Reference to the case in 2013 can be found in the All Malaysia Law Index :

A copy of the court documents of the win in the legal battle of TAT against Embassy sdn bhd over the company's property in Blue Boy Mansion is also in my hands.

Owners of Merdeka View Apartments must take every action to stop unlawful acts, abuse of power or authority and improper practices in the management office. I am not involved in this matter because of any financial gains. It is to appease my heart and mind that as a Malaysian, I should give back to community for the blessings my family of 6 children who were all born and nurtured from young in the country to become good and capable citizens of the world today, living and serving in 3 countries overseas of Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom. My story of Malaysia and my family can be read by clicking here.